Cloud App Assessment

The Need: In today’s difficult market, IT is being asked to do even more with less to support the business. Cloud IT services can help you:

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase flexibility through dynamic scaling
  • Experiment with new solutions without costly capital expenditures

Our Solution

Our experienced team of technical architects and business analysts will work with you to rapidly understand your current technical architecture, cost model, and critical business drivers for your success. These include your security, regulatory, and SLA requirements. Our goal is for you to have an understanding of the feasibility, costs, timelines, impacts on the architecture and IT delivery, and any issues and challenges we see so you can make an objective decision.

We will examine details of your architecture to identify areas that might require changes to migrate to the cloud or achieve business goals such as meeting increased scalability. Our examination will look at your architecture components as well as your security needs, integration points, database architecture, infrastructure design, disaster recovery process designs, operational monitoring and management tools, and development model.

After the examination we will create a new target architecture that leverages your investments and identifies any impact areas. We’ll assess cloud options for deployment, create a deployment architecture, and construct a Cloud TCO model.

Next we will create estimates of the timeline and effort level to migrate the application to a Cloud as well as identify issues and challenges we see in moving to the Cloud.

At the end of the week you will have:

  • A Cloud architecture that meets your business requirements
  • A new TCO model
  • Business benefits of moving to the Cloud
  • Estimated cost and level of effort to migrate
  • High level issues and challenges